What Paperwork/Payment do I need for tryouts?
  1. Payment sheet: If you are interested in doing 2 teams sign both the single and the double competitor sheets as being able to double compete is not guaranteed. If you are unsure you can sign both single and double and we can cross through the one you do not use.  If you are not interested in double competing only sign the single.
  2. The Handbook Page which has your athlete’s sizes, ibuprofen release, and statement that you have read the entire handbook and understand what you are signing up for.
  3. The Buyout Contract
  4. Evaluation Page with just the TOP SECTION COMPLETE
  5. Cheer Infinity Terms and Conditions
  6. A copy of your athlete’s birth certificate (only new athletes to Cheer Infinity)
  7. A payment of $175 for New Cheer Infinity Athletes or $135 for Returning Athletes Tryout Fee/May Tuition and Registration. The remaining balance will be drafted on the 1st.
  8. Registration must be filled out online by clicking “Register Now”

 Any athlete that does not have all of their required paperwork/payment will NOT be taken into consideration for placement until the requirements have been met.

What happens if we change our mind?

No one should go into tryouts with the mindset of “I only want to cheer if I make this team” or under some form of condition. There are many factors that go into choosing a team and we will be choosing team levels, divisions and athletes based on creating successful teams!  It is a TEAM and the TEAM is bigger than the individual.  If you do not have that mindset you should not tryout. NO refunds are given.  Athlete’s that tryout and then decides that they don’t want to cheer will forfeit both their $40 Registration Fee and their $135 Tryout Fee/May Tuition.  Also, athletes who decide to quit, for any reason after May 1st are also subject to the buyout contract and will owe an additional $300.  This is in place to protect the teams, the families and their success.

 What if I have a planned vacation or an event scheduled during summer? 

Any planned vacations or events for the year please let us know in advance. PLEASE INDICATE THIS ON THEIR EVALUATION FORM. We can take this into consideration when choosing the camp dates but we cannot guarantee to fix any conflicts for you.  If you have an event planned on a competition date we cannot accommodate that.  Competitions are not allowed to be missed for any reason and will result in dismissal.  If all competitions cannot be committed to then please do not tryout.  Our athletes, coaches and parents all invest a lot to these routines and everyone is expected to be dedicated throughout the entire year.

When will teams will be posted?  

Teams will be posted on the Cheer Infinity website within 48 hours.  Along with the teams, practice days and times and coaches will be posted.  Teams will practice 2 times a week each in most cases either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.  For further descriptions please view the handbook.

Is there a parent meeting?

 Yes.  At your athletes first practice there will be a parent meeting that will last approximately 30-40 minutes.  At this time choreography dates will be given.  Again, please INDICATE ON YOUR ATHLETE’S EVALUATION FORM dates they will be out of town.  We cannot consider changing the dates of camps AFTER dates are set and we cannot take into consideration the team your athlete is on  or has choreography camp if there are no dates listed on Athlete’s Evaluation FORM.

Where do I get shoes and what kind?  

You will need to order a pair of Nfinity brand cheer shoes on your own as soon as possible. These shoes are made specifically for the spring floor that the athletes will compete on. You can search the net for deals and to order these shoes. Please purchase these styles of the Nfinity shoes only: Titans, Evolution,Vengeance, Passion, Defiance, and Phoenix. Some sites you will want to try are: teamcheer.com, nfinity.com, eBay.com, and amazon.com. You can also try searching Google.

Is tuition Prorated in May and December since there are fewer practice?  

No.  We do not prorate because we include many extra practices throughout the year.  Most all of the extra practices are already prescheduled.  If something comes up where the coaches feels a team may need to add an extra practice for the benefit of the team, then they may also add one and we do not charge additionally for scheduled or emergency extra practices.

What if I have a question that is not answered on this FAQ?

 For additional/personal questions please email Mike@cheerinfinityallstars.com.  Or bring your questions to the parent meeting.