Hi everybody!

Owners Billy and Allison Dunlap welcome you to our very own Cheer Infinity Allstars Members Area.  We are so excited about this as it’s going to make your life much easier and will allow us to make communicating even more Powerful.

Take a look over at the right hand side of the page:

  • Our new member’s success kit contains some great info for all new members to help keep you “in the know!”  Please take a moment to check this out
  • The monthly calendar will contain all of the relevant dates that are important to our Tumble and Allstar Athletes.
  • The competition schedule contains all of the information necessary for our All Star Athletes.
  • When you click on the ICal button, you’ll be able to instantly download the months right to your computer.  The files will always be available to you but always check back at the first of the month for any adds or changes!
  • If you want to see some awesome pictures, click on the gallery button and you’ll be transferred to our CIA FB account.
  • The Forms and Policies button is where you’ll find any necessary paperwork that may be required – you’ll be able to quickly and easily download these forms in pdf format.
  • As I’m sure you know, our gym is one big family and we’re super proud of that!  One of the biggest compliments you can ever share with us is to help us welcome more people just like you to the CIA family.  When you click on the “how to refer a friend” button, you’ll be able to help us, help more people.  Who do YOU know who would like to benefit the way your family has?
  • As always, we believe in CANI – Constant and Never Ending Improvement here at Cheer Infinity.  We love to be able to share with our staff what we’re doing right – so we can continue to do it again and again.  Click on the button that says “have you recently had a great experience?” and let us know what we did right?

It means the world to us when we know we’ve positively impacted one of our CIA family members.

  • The All Star Team Info button will take you to a special area specifically for our All Star Team Members – here you’ll find everything you need including such as music, rosters and more.
  • The Parent Info Center is where we’ll be providing helpful information to parents to help you understand the ins and outs of the Cheer World so you’re able to support your child and make their experience spectacular.
  • If you have a helpful and realistic suggestion to help us improve our programs for everybody, please click the button that says, “how can we improve” and let us know.  We take your suggestions very seriously.
  • And finally, the Video Training button will take you to an area where our athletes are able to watch videos to help them continue their growth when they’re not at the gym.  Our plan is to provide helpful tips on strength training and flexibility and more! Will not always be in video format.

Keep your eye on this area as it’s going to be growing with even more useful tools to make your experience with our gym incomparable.

Thanks again for being one of the many reasons we’re the best and blessed!

“Cheering with a Purpose”

Billy and Allison Dunlap
Cheer Infinity