Billy and Allison Dunlap
Billy and Allison Dunlap

CI was opened by Billy and Allison Dunlap and is in its 11th year. CI is a program that trains athletes at every skill level. 450+ athletes train at our first class facility every week! We strive to see that every athlete feels safe and happy in our gym. At CI you will feel like a member of one great cheer and tumble family!
CI believes there is more to it than developing athletes, teaching technique and skill but also by instilling the values of responsibility and commitment, hard work and integrity and see our students become strong confident leaders on and off the floor. CI takes great pride in seeing that all students receive the best instruction. Our classes are specially designed with age and ability level in mind. Through our experienced and positive coaching techniques your child will gain self esteem along with a structured progression of their skills.CIA is a proud member of the USASF, we are committed to being a leader for your children and the cheer and dance industry.
So Whether you’re interested in class instruction or becoming part of an Allstar team, we hope you’ll stop by for a real cheerleading experience! From the Pre-school level to advanced level we have a program for you.

Cheer Infinity  is blessed to be able to give you and your family the total experience.  Check out our website tabs for more details on what we offer. Come and Join the fun!

Thanks and God Bless

Billy and Allison Dunlap
  Cheer Infinity
“Cheering with a Purpose”